Supervisor Alton Joe Shepherd declares his administration will become the most productive and innovative in recent years for Apache County and District 2.

The first 100 days was full of action and progress in the improvements of District 2 operations. Supervisor Shepherd took over the operations of the District on January 1, 2017 with a winter storm welcoming the new administration into office. District 2 encompasses fifteen chapters with 106 county roads for a total of 381.3 miles of roads for Apache County District 2 to maintain and service. During an assessment of the operations, Supervisor Shepherd realized he was operating at only 20% with 80% of District 2’s equipment down for repairs and sitting idle. The set-back did not deter the Supervisor from addressing the need to provide services to the communities in District 2.

As District 2 personnel battled the elements, Supervisor Shepherd and his team worked hard to restore its operations to 100% and move on its goals of providing “Strong, Innovative and Progressive Leadership” for Better Roads and Better Communities. The Supervisor believes in building long-lasting partnerships between the communities, District 2, the Navajo Nation and the Bureau of Indian Affairs will to achieve broad reaching alliances for new and improved roads and bus routes. By meeting and exceeding expectation, the Shepherd Administration is engaging communities and individuals in developing innovative solutions to challenges facing District 2 and Apache County. Through our collaborations, District 2 will focus on developing, enhancing, protecting and promoting our plan for “Better Roads and Better Communities”.

These first 100 days have been exciting and enlightening in the design and development of Supervisor Alton Joe Shepherd’s strategic plan. The Shepherd plan sets priorities, focuses energy and resources, strengthens operations and ensures that employees are working toward common goals and adjusting the administration’s direction in response to a changing environment. Supervisor Shepherd provides the leadership for which these initiatives can become reality for the benefit of our communities and families. As Supervisor Shepherd restructures District operations he does so knowing that change is necessary for improving infrastructure and streamlining internal governmental processes for superior services.

District 2’s restructuring and reorganizational plan has been implemented for an effective and efficient operation. This structure defines how activities such as task allocation, coordination and supervision are directed toward the achievement of District goals. The District’s Road Inventory and Audit has been completed and will be utilized in the planning, improvement and construction of county roads. The goal of the road inventory is to reduce problems associated with roads and to determine the status of a road and respond by collecting and compiling all road-related information. Our Partnership Outreach has also taken place meeting with every chapter and school district within District 2. Building new partnerships and fostering existing relationships between Apache County District 2, Chapter Houses, government agencies, non-profit organizations and community members serves to support mutual necessities for roads and sociocultural well-being.

Supervisor Shepherd has put an executive team in place to provide additional leadership, guidance and support to District 2 operations and its employees. The Supervisor expect results and has confidence in his team and in his employees for success in excellence and great customer service. In a quote from President John F. Kennedy he states “Efforts and Courage are not enough without purpose and direction”.


With this mindset, Supervisor Shepherd possesses the same ideology and has developed four guiding principles:

  • Purpose; providing a higher degree of direction, success and leadership to ensure safe county roads and school bus routes.
  • Planning; identifying the goals and objectives to be achieved and formulate strategies for success.
  • Progress; to advance and enhance the quality of life in Apache County District 2 and the region.
  • Partnerships; to form alliances, to join forces, to cooperate, to advance our mutual interest for communities and the District.

Based on these principles, the Shepherd Administration established External and Internal goals and objectives for District 2 operations.

Our Four External Goals

  • Environment & Sustainable Resources to preserve and enhance our physical environment and natural resources.
  • Economic Vitality & Opportunity to promote and advance sustainable economic vitality and opportunity for all our citizens.
  • Health & Human Services to promote conditions in the community that support the health and well-being of individuals and families.
  • Public Safety & Judicial Services to help keep people safe in their homes and communities.

Our Four Internal Goals

  • Financial Stewardship & Planning to use sound financial management and build long term financial strength.
  • Quality Workforce to attract, hire, develop and retain an effective, diverse, professional, dedicated and responsive team of employees with excellence in customer service.
  • Building & Equipment Management to provide and efficient and affordable quality work environment using advance technology for the job.
  • Communication to assure the public and our partners are informed and engaged with the development and execution of county policies, programs and services.

The updated organizational restructuring for District 2 operations has been completed and here for your review and understanding.

Alton Joe Shepherd

From road maintenance to gathering information from Chapters, we believe being apart of the community is the best way to evolve our services for District 2.